All Shepherds We

Written By: Chris Mace

Dawn at Prospect Harbor Light, Prospect Harbor, Maine

Like the shepherds, we …

anxious, waiting,

wrapped in Bethlehem’s darkness

listening for circling wolves…

unseen, lurking, howling,

threatening, fearsome,


imagined phantoms of



hurt, grief, shame

terrifying death…


Like the shepherds we…

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…

for the dawn.


Have we not heard the angel?

Fear not!


God is here!

A Savior for all nation!

Redemption! Peace for our souls!


In the fullness of time…

In the stable darkness,

A glimmer of great grace!

A flicker of hope!



Would the light prevail through

the black, evil night

and hellish fury of

betrayal, agony, cruelty?

a cross?

a tomb?



The flame flickered, dimmed…

The wolves encroached

Ferocious despair, doubt, confusion

Would, could, dawn dawn?


Yes! Yes!

In the fullness of time,

in resurrection brilliance,

in promised victory!

Christ, the Conquer

exposed, defanged, declawed

the wolves,

Sin lost its power!

Death, its sting!

And phantoms put at bay!


Dawn broke. Christ arose!

The Good Shepherd lives

with rod and staff and powerful promises:

Fear not!

It is done, finished!

I will never leave you!

Sins forgiven! Shame erased!

Life everlasting!


Grace and Mercy abound

with an invitation to all!




to the still waters and green pastures.


Ah, all shepherds, we





at peace with God…

The darkness dispelled!

The wolves exposed!


Yet, like the shepherds, we …

waiting waiting, waiting,

for another dawn.


In the fullness of time

His is the Kingdom, and Power and Glory forever!


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