Beyond Repair?

Written By: Chris Mace

Byond Repair?
Deserted House. Maine

This old, deserted place appears to have deteriorated beyond repair. Full restoration might be possible but would require the knowledge and skills of a devoted, courageous, visionary craftsman with deep pockets and much patience. There is little hope that will happen.

Sometimes it seems civilization has degenerated into total moral rebellion and has reached that point of no return from its selfishness. At times the brokenness, violence, greed, deceit, oppression, abuse, and injustices seem overwhelming. Addictions and their consequences are devastating. And we have our personal regrets, guilt, and even shame with which to deal. Many of us are running on empty.

Yet, there is great hope. The cure for our selfishness lies in recognition of our self deceit and need for repentance. Thankfully, Almighty God is in the restoration business! One of the great promises of Scripture is the vitalization of the grieving, repentant soul by an understanding, loving God, who is willing to “forgive all your iniquities, heal all your diseases, redeem your life from the pit, crown you with steadfast, love and mercy, and satisfy you with good, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s” (Psalm 103). “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18)

Jesus was a carpenter trained to create and repair, but he was uniquely qualified in spiritual restoration. When he showed up, Jesus changed lives. His touch and voice not only made lives as good as new but transformed them completely. He commanded the authority and power to defy and change physical and spiritual realities. He walked on water, spoke and calmed raging seas. Dead men tore off their funeral gab and climbed out of their caskets. Paralyzed and lame limbs flexed, moved, jumped, and walked like never before. Blind eyes saw the beauty of faces and a world never previously seen. Demons and delusions were confronted and driven out. More importantly, the deranged and mentally tortured received right minds and peace; the immoral were forgiven; the diminished were valued; the hopeless found hope; the misguided, confused, and deluded discovered truth; those in darkness came into the light; the lost found the Way of redemption.

This world is broken; our personal values are skewed, but Jesus was sent to restore hurting creation and suffering humanity to their heavenly potential and original glory. He did so by taking the sins of the world upon his sinless self and by willingly paying our ransom with the death which we deserve. The cost of our redemption is measured somewhere in the magnitude of God’s amazing grace, the extremeness of His mercy, the infinitude of divine love, the selflessness and sacrifice and wonders of Jesus on an old rugged cross, and the hope of an astounding resurrection.

Nobody is beyond his restorative touch. He will make all things new, including us, if we want him to. “A broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise ( Psalm 51:17).


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