Written By: Chris Mace

Sailing Away, Eastport, Maine

Have you ever reached a long pursued goal, one which you imagined and idealized and in which you invested time, energy, and dreams? Maybe it was a career move, a promotion, a relationship, an academic degree, some accolade, social status, or wealth? However, the achievement did not meet expectations nor its anticipated happiness! Emptiness, disappointment, and maybe even sadness invaded your color filled dreams. Satisfaction was an illusion which sailed away unworthy of the sacrifices made to attain it..

Programmed to want “more”, to seek pleasure, to search for happiness, we are easily disoriented or diverted to what the Apostle John categorized as the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life. However, “more” is never enough. Feeding our senses and egos and neglecting our souls ultimately lead to unfulfilled lives because the void we are trying to fill is spiritual in nature.

Our deepest desires are for intimacy, love, joy, peace, integrity, wholeness, forgiveness, and gentle, kind, compassionate spirits. Unfortunately, the daily local and world news cycles attest to the fact we are unable to achieve that life on our own. Jesus has an extraordinary solution to our dilemma. He told us that we can gain the world but lose our souls and showed us that fulfillment comes to us in sacrifice and reversals.

Although prestige, position, power, and wealth were available to him, Christ did not seek fame or fortune but willingly sacrificed himself for us through the horrors of crucifixion. Through what might appear to have been weakness and defeat, he gives the power of the cross, the power of grace and mercy, the power of humility, the power of love, the power of redemption, the power of forgiveness and restoration, the power of no condemnation, the power of resurrection and hope, and the power of his eternal presence to all who trust him.

In our belief and humility, Christ leads us to satisfaction. He opens the way to God and His promised joy, peace, comfort, and rest for our souls. That is God’s reality. It is no illusion.

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