In the Dark?

Written By: Chris Mace

In the Dark?
Light in the Darkness, Camp, Sullivan, Maine

Our country has been widely blessed with the benefits of electricity, batteries, and generators. During a recent, prolonged power outage here in Maine, the miracle that light bulbs can disperse darkness became very relevant. Even so, there are times if one wishes to read, it must be done by candle light, lamplight, or beside an open fireplace.

The Apostle Paul had a solution for darkness long before Ben Franklin discovered the lightening rod and electricity. Paul recognized (and we can’t disagree) that spiritual darkness pervades our world. There is a perverseness about humanity. Evil exists and is effective because humanity has a character problem. Scripture clarifies that problem. We “love darkness rather than light.” (John 3:19)

Even though we consider ourselves enlightened, spiritual blindness leads us to neglect, misinterpretation, disbelief, or failure to comprehend the truth about God and what He has revealed to us. We see through “a glass darkly,” but we don’t need to.

To that point, John the Apostle wrote that Jesus, who is the living Word and the Light of the World, still “shines in the darkness” which “will not overcome his light.” (John 1:5) And the Apostle Peter wrote to his readers that the “prophetic Word” should be heeded as “a lamp shining in a dark place.” (2 Peter 1:19) Scripture dispels the darkness and brings hope and renewal to one’s soul.

Generation after generation of humanity has proven itself incapable of moving beyond the dark shadows of selfishness and its consequences. If Scripture illuminates the beauty of God’s holy, immutable character and our defective, sinful spirits, if we fight spiritual darkness, and if Christ’s perfection is the light that dispels that darkness, then both Scripture and Jesus deserve our utmost attention. He is humanity’s one hope for redemption and for eternal reconciliation with God.


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