Nature’s Song

Written By: Chris Mace
Nature's Song

Sunrise, Lubec Narrows, West Quoddy Head, Maine

Watching the moon quietly rise down river and the sun set in glorious splendor up river while listening to evening songs of twittering kingfishers, tweeting eagles, a rippling tide, and gentle breezes whispering through the pines as heron quietly fish and fog silently threatens, I am reminded of an old hymn : “Let all things their Creator bless, And worship Him in humbleness…” and am awed by a perfection which once was, by a design which knits all nature together, and by an imagination and creativity and power so mighty that this beautiful but broken and scarred world remains on course while spinning out time through an incomprehensibly vast cosmos.

Some of us consider nature to be our worship space because connecting with creation brings a temporary peace and relief which we have not discovered in houses of worship. We have become disillusioned with “organized religion” because of the imperfections, the hypocrisy, and the lack of love and grace of people professing “faith”, which for many is no more than tradition, ritual, rules, and self righteous entitlement in a do-good, feel-good religious system. However, religion predicated upon people and human philosophies and empowered by self will always be limited, prideful, and disappointing.

A morning walk, a mountain hike, an ocean view, a shady forest, or the “milky way” can become a spiritual event because God speaks through the complexities and secrets of His creation. However, we tend to miss creation’s evidences and implications because other voices have led us to disbelieve the divine origins of our universe. So, if we desire to know God, we must let Him tell us who He is and who we are.

Thankfully, He has spoken clearly through the voice of Scripture, which exposes us to the truth about ourselves, narrates historical events of His interactions with humanity, speaks to His purposes and plans and desires to be with and for us, and tells us of Christ, whose life, teachings, purposes, and identity have been carefully preserved by eye witnesses and whose redemptive actions are the most crucial evidence of God’s involvement with us. Peter recognized Jesus as the Messiah. Thomas confessed him as God. The Apostle Paul said that the glory of God is seen in the face of Jesus , that he is God’s love gift and “God’s wisdom” to us, and that he is our “redemption” and hope. The author of Hebrews says that Christ ” is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature…”

Nature may give us a sense of the transcendent, but Christ is God’s solution for our spiritual brokenness. He brings peace and wholeness. Through him, God has lavished His love and righteousness on needy humanity. Faith founded on Christ brings a quiet spirit and meaning to life. As another old hymn says it: “My faith has found a resting place, not in device nor creed. I trust the ever-living One, His wounds for me shall plead… ”

Nature’s songs may tell us of God’s character and power, but Christ shows us the greatness, the intimacy, the need, and the purposes of divine love. If one is interested in God, one must as a minimum investigate Christ’s credibility, his words, and his life’s purposes.

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