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Living Out Our Purpose

At the United Baptist Church of Ellsworth, our purpose is also our process—to make disciples of Jesus Christ through worship, fellowship, and service for the glory of God.

We exist to proclaim and celebrate the Gospel, the message of God’s salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

About Us

United Baptist Church is a dynamic, multi-generational church family with a heart for service. Our mission is to learn from and follow Jesus Christ, while helping others do the same. Our vision is to be the kind of church that people would miss if it weren’t around. Our desire is to be a praying, growing church that honors God by actively meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our members, the people of Ellsworth, Hancock County, and beyond.

Let Us Serve

Job Description: Caring for children under 3 while their parents attend or teach a Sunday School Class

Ministry Leader: Liz Conners

Job Description: Assist in the renovation of the Biblical Counseling Center at 42 Pine Street

Ministry Leader: Scott Conners

Job Description: Be the first to welcome members and visitors to worship on Sunday morning!

Ministry Leader: Ron & Marsha Boyd

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These are tough times for everyone.  We understand, and would like to pray for you–no strings attached.  Just send us your first name (if you want to) and what you would like us to pray for, and we will do exactly that.  We may not be able to come alongside you physically at this time, but we can draw near in prayer.  It would be our pleasure to pray for you.


Prayer Requests

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by offering opportunities for worship, fellowship and service.

The Vision of the United Baptist Church is to be a praying, growing church that glorifies God and actively meets the spiritual and physical needs of our church members, the people of Ellsworth, Hancock County and beyond.

Latest Message

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Open or Shut?

Beyond the fence in the photo lies a magnificent but obscured view of Frenchman’s bay, its islands, boats, and mountains. That wonder can only be accessed through the now closed gate, and we are not invited in.


Have you ever reached a long pursued goal, one which you imagined and idealized and in which you invested time, energy, and dreams? Maybe it was a career move, a promotion, a relationship, an academic degree, some accolade, social status, or wealth? However, the achievement did not meet expectations nor its anticipated happiness! Emptiness, disappointment, and maybe even sadness invaded your color filled dreams. Satisfaction was an illusion which sailed away unworthy of the sacrifices made to attain it..

A New Dawn

Dawn! A new day is on the verge of its possibilities. Will it be routine? Mundane? Challenging? Disappointing? Exhausting? Exciting? End in uncertainties? Will it finish on a good note with enthusiasm and hope for another day?

Some Day…

This abandoned boat is a reminder of King Solomon’s lament that “There is no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembrance of later things yet to be among those who come after” (Ecclesiastes 1:11)*

Does that mean that someday we will be just a moment spent? A still photo sitting on a mantel? An old census notation? A faded, moss covered name? A memory lost in some dark, genealogical archive?

Who is in the Mirror?

The child in the photo is just beginning a life time of self perception i.e. something more than just interacting with the world. Recognizing oneself in mirrors or photos begins at an early age and continues into an awareness of how others perceive us. Those concerns develop into frequent preoccupations with self image. Significant time and energy is wasted on managing perceptions we have about ourselves or how we think others think about us.


Summer RightNow

Summer RightNow

Summer is upon us! With Sunday school and discipleship groups/studies breaking until September, we encourage you to take advantage of our digital library, RightNow Me-dia. If you are not signed up to access this library, please contact the office at ubc@ubcellsworth.org. We will be sharing specific recommendations for RightNow Media content soon!

May ’23 – New Adult Sunday School Electives

May ’23 – New Adult Sunday School Electives

New Sunday School Electives. All classes begin in the Sanctuary on Sunday morning at 9 a.m.
Jonah: Rejecting or Reflecting God’s Heart. The book of Jonah raises many questions, both sociological and theological, but doesn’t necessarily answer them all. God’s call, Jonah’s response, and Nineveh’s fate are all recorded for us to ponder and reckon with in our own hearts. Through exploring Jonah we will be challenged to realize God’s sovereignty, providence, and grace in our lives and over all humanity.

ChristianlivingOutlive Your Life: Discover How You Can Make a Difference. Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something! We are created by a great God to do great works. So, how do we live in such a way that the world will be glad we did?

New! Children’s Sunday School!

New! Children’s Sunday School!

How can we know what God is Like? What’s so special about the Bible? What is the Gospel? These are big questions, and by exploring them, kids can engage their natural curiosity and discover the amazing answers that God’s word has for those who seek them.


Church Services

10:30 a.m. 

United Baptist Church

28 Hancock St. 

Ellsworth, Maine 

United Baptist Church


Sunday Services: 8:30am & 11:00am

Sunday School Groups: 10am

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