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Living Out Our Purpose

At the United Baptist Church of Ellsworth, our purpose is also our process—to make disciples of Jesus Christ through worship, fellowship, and service for the glory of God.

We exist to proclaim and celebrate the Gospel, the message of God’s salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

About Us

United Baptist Church is a dynamic, multi-generational church family with a heart for service. Our mission is to learn from and follow Jesus Christ, while helping others do the same. Our vision is to be the kind of church that people would miss if it weren’t around. Our desire is to be a praying, growing church that honors God by actively meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our members, the people of Ellsworth, Hancock County, and beyond.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by offering opportunities for worship, fellowship and service.

The Vision of the United Baptist Church is to be a praying, growing church that glorifies God and actively meets the spiritual and physical needs of our church members, the people of Ellsworth, Hancock County and beyond.

Latest Message

Grains of Sand

Corea MaineWhat can be more mind-clearing and reorienting than a brisk walk on a cool fall day to an isolated Maine sand beach where the stark and vast beauty of creation and the salty smell of the sea mingle with the awareness there is One present who knows and cares...

Beyond the Glorious

We are awed and humbled by our vast and magnificent world, but what do we see when we look into the huge expanses of space, or stand before the vast wonders of the earth, or probe the strange world of ocean depths? When Jeremiah looked “for the reality beyond the appearance,” he saw God and exclaimed ,”It is he who made the earth by his power, who established the world by his wisdom, and by his understanding stretched out the heavens.” (Jeremiah 10:12

A Treasure Hunt

The impact of his discovery hit him. He realized this was it! This was what he had searched for. It was a treasure of such great proportion that he joyfully gave all that he had to attain it. He gave up his old life for a new one! He had found the kingdom of heaven!

A Good Harvest

We have difficulty understanding ideologies different from our own or why people think differently than we do. Those interactions are difficult to negotiate because often they are accompanied by pride, disgust or distain. There may not be a whole lot one can personally do to address the divisiveness and contentiousness we are experiencing in our communities, but we can do “good”.

I Hope You Dance

On that journey, it soon becomes evident that happiness is not the same as self-discovery and self-fulfillment or what we might consider success. Somewhere and sometime, we will begin to ask ultimate questions.


Bible Study Sign-ups

Bible Study Sign-ups

If you are interested in joining one of several small group Bible studies exploring the book of James, please reserve your spot by calling or emailing the church office: 667-8051 or ubc@ubcellsworth.org Groups will be limited to 10, meeting in person and with a zoom...

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United Baptist Church is planning to resume corporate worship on Sunday, June 14th.  New guidelines and restrictions will necessitate several changes in order for us to gather in safety and compliance.  For sure, things will not look or feel “normal” for a while yet....

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Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray

Whether you'd like us to pray for you by name or you'd prefer to remain anonymous, we'd love the privilege of interceding on your behalf! 

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let us pray

These are tough times for everyone.  We understand, and would like to pray for you–no strings attached.  Just send us your first name (if you want to) and what you would like us to pray for, and we will do exactly that.  We may not be able to come alongside you physically at this time, but we can draw near in prayer.  It would be our pleasure to pray for you.

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** Revised Church Services **

Sunday Services: 8:30, 9:45 and 11:00 a.m.

United Baptist Church

28 Hancock St. 

Ellsworth, Maine 

United Baptist Church


Sunday Services: 8:30am & 11:00am

Sunday School Groups: 10am

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