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Living Out Our Purpose

At the United Baptist Church of Ellsworth, our purpose is also our process—to make disciples of Jesus Christ through worship, fellowship, and service for the glory of God.

We exist to proclaim and celebrate the Gospel, the message of God’s salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

About Us

United Baptist Church is a dynamic, multi-generational church family with a heart for service. Our mission is to learn from and follow Jesus Christ, while helping others do the same. Our vision is to be the kind of church that people would miss if it weren’t around. Our desire is to be a praying, growing church that honors God by actively meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our members, the people of Ellsworth, Hancock County, and beyond.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by offering opportunities for worship, fellowship and service.

The Vision of the United Baptist Church is to be a praying, growing church that glorifies God and actively meets the spiritual and physical needs of our church members, the people of Ellsworth, Hancock County and beyond.

Latest Message

Do What You Can

Do What You Can

Mark 14:3-11 3 And while he was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he was reclining at table, a woman came with an alabaster flask of ointment of pure nard, very costly, and she broke the flask and poured it over his head. 4 There...

Of Catalogues and Kingdoms

One of the bright moments during Maine’s late, cold winter months arrives when the seed catalogues do. They not only inspire dreams of fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers but also astound with the awesome awareness that a variety of plants are stored in tiny seeds, varied and peculiar to the hidden plant! Packed within each seed lies potential, some for great and alluring beauty and some for tasty fruit, but there is no transformation until the seed is sown. Only then, from a very tiny poppy seed, can a beautiful poppy grow! And only a poppy!

In a Hurry?

Are we aware of God’s faithful and merciful work in our lives? Not just when the sun shines but when adverse winds blow and confusing clouds roll in?


Robert Frost’s “Birches” has been a long time favorite of mine, probably because it conjures up some special childhood memories of swinging on birches.

Waiting and Hoping?

Ultimate hope is an essential ingredient in happiness, which is difficult to find in a meaningless, purposeless world. We all have belief systems which attempt to make intelligent, philosophical deductions from experience, knowledge, and observation about who and why we are. In the process, we tend to become self-loathing because we fail to live up to who we believe we should be.

Of Sheep and Shepherds

There is something special about sheep, something both ancient and pastoral! Perhaps it is because Scripture presents beautiful word pictures of how God shepherds his people. Trusting and obeying the Shepherd’s voice lead to “green pastures” and “still waters”, to fulfillment and security. However, the Psalmist sounds a cautionary note about inattentive, straying sheep because they have left the shepherd’s protective care:


Winter/Spring Bible Reading Plan

Winter/Spring Bible Reading Plan

In this pandemic we are all painfully aware of what we cannot do. Our hope in 2021 is to focus instead on what we CAN do. And one thing we will all be able to do--especially with the time that would’ve been spent doing the things we can’t—is read (or listen, if that’s...

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COVID Update

COVID Update

Last Sunday we spent some time together talking about the lessons we are learning during these strange and often stressful times.  One that I have learned is that you never say never in a pandemic.  Ours is a shifting landscape, and new information demands new considerations.

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Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray

Whether you'd like us to pray for you by name or you'd prefer to remain anonymous, we'd love the privilege of interceding on your behalf! 

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let us pray

These are tough times for everyone.  We understand, and would like to pray for you–no strings attached.  Just send us your first name (if you want to) and what you would like us to pray for, and we will do exactly that.  We may not be able to come alongside you physically at this time, but we can draw near in prayer.  It would be our pleasure to pray for you.

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** Revised COVID Church Services **

Sunday Services: 11:00 a.m. Online

United Baptist Church

28 Hancock St. 

Ellsworth, Maine 

United Baptist Church


Sunday Services: 8:30am & 11:00am

Sunday School Groups: 10am



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