What we can do?

Brothers and sisters,

As we move into the fall and winter months it is fairly clear that our life together will again be influenced by the coronavirus around us.  Naturally, we hoped this would all be over and that we would be back to “normal” by now.  Normal–if you can recall since it has been such a long time–included weekly worship attendance of 150-180, noisy, crowded times of fellowship over coffee and refreshments between services, Sunday School and Children’s Church for youth, three or four adult Sunday School electives focusing on the areas of Bible, Marriage and Family, Christian Living and Faith Foundations.  Normal meant a church building that was used daily and lit up nightly to support the ministries of prayer, multiple small groups and studies, counseling, worship team, outreach and the meetings of community- based organizations.   Normal included celebrations of life and the ability to huddle over an egg salad sandwich, sharing memories after a funeral.  Normal was round table meetings to discuss our church’s direction and potluck (forgive me Rosabel, I know we don’t believe in luck) dinners.  In person member meetings and team meetings and leader meetings.  Multi-church Good Friday services and hosting conferences.  Short term mission trips to the Dominican Republic. Soup for the Soul on Fridays from January through March.  Herding our kids (and quite a few adults) to Baptist Youth Camp in the spring and summer.  When life was normal we could ALL offer a right hand of fellowship, or dare we remember, a weekly hug?   

I really, really miss what used to be normal.  And I dearly hope we can attain to that sort of normal once more.

But for now, things are not normal and for the foreseeable future, they aren’t likely to be.

So where does that leave us?  What should we expect in the months ahead?  What can we do?

Over the next several weeks I will be sending you occasional reminders of some things that we can, and really in some ways, must do as church members in order to weather this storm and emerge from it intact, healthy and ready for ministry now and in the future the Lord has for us.

These reminders are meant to be both challenging and encouraging.  I hope you’ll find them helpful.

Have a blessed day!

Pastor Scott

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