A Hawk’s Eye

Written By: Chris Mace

Hawk, Sullivan, Maine

There is a lesson for us in that hawk’s eye.

When we are wary and discerning, we can sort out the good from the bad and distinguish truth from delusion and falsehood. Bombarded with influencers, vain and deluded thinkers, paper thin heroes, power hungry leaders, flimflam artists, conspiracy theories, conflicting, divisive ideologies and agendas, and false or biased news, we must be vigilant. There are those who willingly deceive or prevaricate to obtain our votes or finances, but more importantly, there are those who would steal our minds and torpedo our knowledge and enjoyment of God forever. Whether we realize it or not, there is a ongoing spiritual battle for our fragile, sacred souls. In today’s culture, we need “eyes like a hawk”.

Created with a innate capacity to be generous and loving, we strive to be people of integrity, but our moral sensibilities are not derived from some social construct. They are part of our created being and purpose. Cultural morality and values are situational. They vary with circumstances and desires and are not held to a consistent standard. Moral relativity leaves our inner lives in a confused, precarious state. “We do what we do because we want what we want.” And we make every attempt to justify what we want to do. However, we fail to be perfect or often make unjust, self biased decisions. That is a problem.

Christ addressed this problem. He said that although men and women may do good things, out of their hearts come evil thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. (Matthew 12:34-40;15:19) That is why redemption and spiritual empowerment are essential. Faith turns one from self-centeredness and the dangers of moral relativity to God’s moral perfection and the idea that we are created to mirror His character. So, Scripture guides in ways to be vigilant, to protect our spirits where our intellects reside, our emotions respond, and our will controls.

Why all this instruction about watchfulness? God’s moral prescription leads to emotional and spiritual thriving and healthy relationships. Because He loves and desires good for humanity, He sent us Christ…to show us our need, to redeem and reorient our hearts, and to set us on a grander course of seeking eternal values.


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