Sunday School

Fall’23 Sunday School Begins

UBC’s Sunday School starts for all ages.  Sunday 9/10 at 9 am.

We have a new class in our Adult Sunday School called “Overcoming Bitterness.

What Christian wants to admit s/he con-tends with bitterness? And yet, as Pastor Randy Patten observes, “In a world of struggle and disappointment, each of us will wrestle with bitterness at one time or another.” The Scripture is clear, we are not to let bitterness take hold or it will steal our joy as well as the joy of those around us. But how do we do that? In this Christian Living Sunday School elective led by Pastor Scott we will explore the biblical teaching and examples of how the grace of God in Christ can help us overcome this threat to our souls. Join us, beginning Sunday, Sept. 10th at 9 a.m. in the Sanctuary.  

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