New Life

Written By: Chris Mace

O'brien Cemetery, Machias, Maine

Fall colors and tombstones are reminders that “there is a season for every purpose under heaven”. Life is filled with beginnings and endings. Generations of our ancestors have struggled through their personal stories with their hopes and dreams ending up beneath some old oak or maple tree and becoming the poetry of country music. But is there a greater significance to our life spans than becoming a song, a poem, or a short story?

In a world of violence, war, racism, suffering, hunger, materialism and humanism, it is easy to question if God is uninterested in us or if the idea of God is dead. However, the Bible takes a different viewpoint! God is not dead. He remains caring, sovereign and providential despite humanity’s free will debacle. It is humanity that is dead, buried in confusion, doubt, and selfish immoral behavior, lost in trespasses and sins. Humanity is so disconnected from God that it needs spiritual resuscitation.

Faith is what relieves the tension between holy God and unholy mankind. Belief connects us with God and pleases Him. (Hebrews 11:6) That is why Jesus’ passion on the cross and his triumphant resurrection are crucial. Assuming the guilt and shame of humanity’s rebellious, willful, unrighteous nature, Christ paid the price of death and condemnation which we deserve. Instead, he gives us resurrection hope. In repentance and belief, we are forgiven and gifted an eternal relationship with God. We become alive because of Christ!

God is not dead, and we need not be either!


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