New! Children’s Sunday School!

All Sunday school classes begin at 9 a.m. in the Sanctuary.

How can we know what God is Like? What’s so special about the Bible? What is the Gospel? These are big questions, and by exploring them, kids can engage their natural curiosity and discover the amazing answers that God’s word has for those who seek them. In the Praise Factory kids become detectives, searching for understanding, and in the process finding that God is amazing and worthy of praise! Each of the three levels of The Praise Factory is built to grow with kids and encourage them to take part in learning through Bible verses, stories, and games. It is our hope that through digging for answers in a fun and memorable way, the Praise Factory will send kids home with exciting stories of God’s goodness, and with a desire to return and keep learning!

The Sunday School Classes are:

Hide ‘N Seek Kids, Ages 3-5(Pre-K). Hands-on activities and repetition are the key in this age group. We want kids to be able to remember the Big Questions and the Bible Stories presented, and to come away excited to return.

Deep Down Detectives, Grades K-3. Interaction is at the core of the Praise Factory curriculum, and it shines in this age group, where kids can utilize their developing memories and take on fun responsibilities in helping with the lesson and activities. Repetition is still a big part of this age group as well.

Praise Factory Investigators, Grades 4-7. This age group is introduced to the same Biblical truths in multiple ways through the lessons, seeing how God’s word and God presence in history provides the answers to even the biggest of life’s questions. There is also a greater focus on seeing themselves as part of the church in preparation for continued body life as they grow older.

Check out our full list of classes and activities.

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