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At the United Baptist Church of Ellsworth, our purpose is also our process—to make disciples of Jesus Christ through worship, fellowship, and service for the glory of God.

We exist to proclaim and celebrate the Gospel, the message of God’s salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

About Us

United Baptist Church is a dynamic, multi-generational church family with a heart for service. Our mission is to learn from and follow Jesus Christ, while helping others do the same. Our vision is to be the kind of church that people would miss if it weren’t around. Our desire is to be a praying, growing church that honors God by actively meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our members, the people of Ellsworth, Hancock County, and beyond.

Let Us Serve

Job Description: This is a weekly commitment to teach the teens (8th-12th grade) of UBC from a supplied curriculum.

Ministry Leader: Justin Arseneau

Job Description: Needed for all Sunday School classes, the Teacher's Helper will assist with class management, be familiar with the weekly lesson and be ready to teach weekly lessons if or as needed. This commitment is for 8 weeks.

Ministry Leader: Justin Arseneau

Job Description: Guide and direct the Facilities Team in the maintenance and improvements of UBC's properties; attend monthly team leader meetings

Ministry Leader: Mike Page


These are tough times for everyone.  We understand, and would like to pray for you–no strings attached.  Just send us your first name (if you want to) and what you would like us to pray for, and we will do exactly that.  We may not be able to come alongside you physically at this time, but we can draw near in prayer.  It would be our pleasure to pray for you.


Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by offering opportunities for worship, fellowship and service.

The Vision of the United Baptist Church is to be a praying, growing church that glorifies God and actively meets the spiritual and physical needs of our church members, the people of Ellsworth, Hancock County and beyond.

Latest Message

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Which Way from Here?

Many of us are directionally challenged. We can usually tell “up” from “down”, but determining compass points or right from left may cause some temporary anxiety like the lost city folk must have felt when they asked for directions from an old Mainer who in his thick Downeast accent told them “You can’t get they-ah from he-ah.”

An Oasis of Words

Words are important and powerful. They may be a sword or a lullaby depending upon the user’s intention or whim. Strung together, words create stories, poems, lyrics and conversations. They can break hearts or cheer souls. Used wisely, they may encourage and refresh needy spirits and nurture good character. Contemptuous or gossipy words diminish and destroy. Truth spoken with love may inspire change or resolution. Misleading or harsh and condemning and deflating words lead to despair.

According to the Puffins…

Even little birds can give us lofty thoughts. To some, puffins simply raise questions about genetics and adaptive mutations and behaviors. But in the larger context, these little birds are but one of creation’s vast array of variations and adaptations which not only challenge imaginations and serious scientific investigations but also philosophic explanations about meaning and purpose.

Chiseling It Out

Life is a bit like quarrying! We are all stone cutters searching for bedrock!

Flying as Eagles Fly

Bald eagles are definitely forces “to be reckoned with”. They have powerful talons which can exert ten times the pressure of an adult male human hand and can have up to seven foot wingspans enabling them to catch updrafts and soar thousands of feet in the air where their amazing visual and color acuities allow them to spot signs of small prey and fish. Their attacks may be unsuspected and swift, but their presence is formidable and commands tremendous respect.


OT2022 UBC Annual Bible Reading Plan

OT2022 UBC Annual Bible Reading Plan

Brothers and sisters,  Hopefully you have participated in and enjoyed our reading plans. Most recently, we have made our way through the entire New Testament and spent time with selected Psalms. In the coming year we will turn our attention to the Old Testament.  The...

We Can Pray!

We Can Pray!

We Can Pray.  There isn’t a Christian alive who doesn’t already know about the Bible’s commands to pray, and there are probably very few (research seems to show) who are happy with their prayer lives.  These two factors—knowing what we are supposed to do and feeling...

We Can Worship!

We Can Worship!

We Can Worship! In March of 2020, when the pandemic measures were first instituted, our church could not gather.  As the restrictions loosened, we were able to gather with limitations.  And now, for the time being at least, we can gather without them.  We can worship,...

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